Earn your Master’s Degree at Carthage


Dual-Degree Programs with Partner Institutions

In addition to the master’s degree programs listed above, Carthage College offers the following dual-degree programs with partner institutions. Students enroll in these programs as undergraduates at Carthage, completing 3-4 full years at Carthage before moving on to the partner institution. 

Chiropractic — 4+3 Doctor of Chiropractic program with Logan University

Engineering — 3+2 programs with Case Western Reserve University or Washington University in St. Louis

Occupational Therapy — 3+2 program with Washington University in St. Louis

Pharmacy — 3+3 program with the Medical College of Wisconsin

Pharmacy — 3+4 program with Rosalind Franklin University

Public Health — 4+1 program with Medical College of Wisconsin

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Transferring Credits

Have you started your graduate program, but life got in the way? Completed coursework but never finished? Now is the perfect time to finish earning your graduate degree. 

Depending on the admission policy of the program, a student may be allowed credit for work completed at the graduate level before enrolling at Carthage. The applicant must provide official transcripts documenting the completed work and the grades obtained for this work. These grades must meet the Carthage admission standards.